English club


Andersen H.C.- The Snow Queen
Chatwin B.- The Magic Scooter, Sewell A.- Black Beauty
Kipling R.- Mowgli, Priest D.- The King of the Jungle
Perrault Ch.- The Cat in Boots
Pogorelsky A. The Black Hen
Puchkova Y.- Humpty and His Family
Puchkova Y.- Nick and Pat_s Diary
Puchkova Y.- Reddy_s Funny Stories
Puchkova Y.- The Adventures in the Grasslands
Puchkova Y.- The Adventures of Six Friends


Andersen H.C.- The Marsh King_s Daughter
Baum L.F.- The Magic of Oz
Burnett F.- A Little Princess
Carroll L.- Alice in Wonderland
Cooper J.F.- The Last of Mohicans
Dahl R.- Fantastic Mr Fox
Doyle C.- The Lost World, The Stories about Sherlock Holmes
English Folk Tales
English Rhymes for Children
Hauff W.- Caliph Stork
Kipling R.- Just So Stories
Kipling R.- The Jungle Book
Kollodi K.- The Adventures of Pinocchio
Legends of Robin Hood
Milne A.- The House at Pooh Corner
Milne A.- Winnie-the-Pooh
Nesbit E.- The Enchanted Castle
Travers P.L.- Mary Poppins


Bradbury R.- Short Stories
Bullimore T.- Baker Street Puzzles
Bullimore T.- Sherlock Holmes_ Puzzles of Deduction
Dahl R.- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Eager E.- Seven-Day Magic
Henry O.- The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories
Legends of King Arthur
Reid M.- The Headless Horseman
Sewell A.- Black Beauty
Shakespeare W.- King Lear
Stout R.- Short Stories
Thayer J.- Funny Stories
The Flying Horse
The Silver Thimble and Other Stories
Twain M.- The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
White E.- Stuart Little


Adventure Stories
Asimov A.- Science Fiction Stories
Beecher Stowe H.- Uncle Tom_s Cabin
Carroll L.- Through the Looking-Glass
Dickens C.- The Adventures of Oliver Twist
Doyle A.C.- Short Stories
Eager E.- Seven-Day Magic
English Fairy Tales
Sea Stories
Shakespeare W.- Hamlet
Shakespeare W.- Macbeth
Shakespeare W.- Romeo and Juliet
Stevenson R.L.- Treasure Island
Twain M.- The Prince _ the Pauper
Wilde O.- The Picture of Dorian Gray

Upper Intermediate:

Henry O.- Stories
Jonathan Livingston Seagull and other stories
Saroyan W.- Stories
Shakespeare W.- Much Ado about Nothing
Shakespeare W.- Othello
Smith D.- The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Steinbeck J.- Stories
Thacktray W.M.- Vanity Fair


Christie A.- Short Stories
Du Maurier D.- Rebecca
Hardy T.- Short Stories
Lawrence D.H.- Women in Love
Maugham S.- The Man with the Scar and other stories
The Magician and other stories
The Stolen Bacillus and other adventure stories
Wilde O.- Fairy Tales